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FRAMED ARTWORK 235.00 is very proud to feature this young Cuban artist

new to our network.

Juan Manuel “Juanma” Garcia.

Has made Miami, Florida his new residence since late 2008.

We invite you to admire his art work and the flavor of the tropical Cuban Island

with the pieces on this page.

As we all the images of this site they are available in a variety of products,

like keyholders, mugs, prints, canvas, t-shirts and other.

Juan Manuel “Juanma” Garcia, born in Caibarien providence of Villa Clara, Cuba/

 This young artist had the restlessness of a true artist.

Since very early childhood, he was passionate towards art specifically for painting.

At the age of 17 entered the academy Leoprodo Romanach of Santa Clara, Cuba

Studying and specializing for four years in the studio of free creation of the plastic arts.

During these years involved in collective exhibitions held in different municipalities of the providence.

  • To mention a few
  • 2004- Studio Marinas.Caibarien, Villa Clara.Cuba.
  • 2004-Studio Marinas.Caibarien, Villa Clara.Cuba.
  • 2005-Studio Marinas, Caibarien, where his work received recognition
  • 2006-Studio Marinas, Caibarien. Where he received an award.
  • 2007-Exposicion Future Promises of Caibarien on behalf of the Creative Youth.
  • 2007-Studio of Plastic Arts and Design, Carlos Enrique, Remedios, Villa Clara Where he obtained recognition for the work presented.
  • 2007-Studio Marinas, Caibarien, Villa Clara.
  • 2007-Studio of Erotic Art. Cifuentes.Villa Clara. 2
  • 007-Studio Marinas, Caibarien, Villa Clara.
  • 2007-Studio of Photography Martinez Otero. Caibarien, Villa Clara

Juanma, had the support of his mother, father and young sister

 and his grandmother Petra, was the most encouraging person to him.

Jean Michael Basquiat, the first African American artist to get world recognition

is one of Juanma’s’ inspirations his admiration as an artist for his free lancing,

spontaneous spirited art.

Juanma prefers to use mixed techniques and he is interested

in the results of the different properties of the various materials,

he enjoys the experimentation of blending the materials,

shapes colors, surfaces and textures.

His favorite subjects are human shapes.

His art is done on any available surface the lack of art materials

were never a barrier to his creativity.

Some of these pieces are painted over cardboard.



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